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With/in on NBC Today show | 26th March 2018

'there is spackle stuck in the outlet' opens today!!

7th September 2018

“there is spackle stuck in the outlet”, is a series of visual-spatial interventions that celebrate, challenge and reimagine the politics of image-making. Driven by their shared curiosity of the spaces they inhabit, the artists Hope Wang & Ryan Goh along with the curator Vidisha Aggarwal set out to investigate how facade and image simultaneously both embody, obfuscate, and belie narrative and meaning.


The show is on from 7th to 28th September at Gallery No One in the Flat Iron Arts building in Wicker Park, Chicago. The opening reception is from 6 to 9pm on the 7th September.


Facebook event page

Exhibition branding & marketing collateral courtesy Yash Rastogi

Seem:less is now on the team of young jury for

3rd July 2018

Seem:less founder Seetharam Vallabhaneni has been selected to be a part of' Young Jury, a group of leading digital design professionals who use their experience and knowledge to judge web projects from all over the world.


Seem:less on

Trailer for Vidisha Aggarwal's website wins the 'Design of The Day' award

27th June 2018

The trailer announcing Vidisha's new website has been recognized by Design Awards Asia as the Design of the day in film and video category on June 27th, 2018.


Link to Design Awards Asia

Vidisha Aggarwal's website awarded the 'Design of The Day' award

10th June 2018

The portfolio website we designed for Vidisha Aggarwal has been featured on Design Awards Asia on their website and also awarded the 'Design of The Day Award'.


Vidisha's website is now in contention for the 'Design of The Month' and 'Design of The Year' awards!



Design Awards Asia : Vidisha Aggarwal


Read more about the project!

Axel Olson in Venice Biennial!

26th May 2018

We are proud to share that one of our client Axel Olson is currently exhibiting his work at the prestigious Venice Architecture Biennial as a part of the the 'Exploring Belonging' exhibition in the US Pavilion.


His contribution - 'Cutting Corners' is a study of belonging at the scale of the Chicago street corner. The project investigates nine corners where a confluence of city infrastructures, local economies, and social territories is formed, regulated, and represented.


Image Credit : Axel Alexander Olson, Designer/Owner

Viraj Mithani has his first solo show in India!

24th March 2018

Viraj Mithani's 'Eastern Affair', his first solo exhibition, is now open to public at the  Ravi Vazirani Design Studio, Bandra (Mumbai). Eastern Affair, marks the first pop-up gallery by Cultivate Art, a platform connecting emerging artists with new-age art collectors.


This is a unique opportunity to experience Viraj's new body of work that explores his Indian heritage, outside the context of a white cube setting.


Image Credits : Viraj Mithani

With/in opens for public

23rd March 2018

Very happy and proud to have worked with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's Wellness Center! Their current exhibition curated by our longtime collaborator Vidisha Aggarwal, and April Knighton - 'With/in' opens today. With/in reflects on the intersection of compassion and belonging. It highlights and examines how a sense of belonging can be fostered through the practice of compassion.


The show is open from 23rd March to 5th May 2018 at the Wellness Center on the 13th floor of 116 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago.

'SAIC Shows' opens for public

10th March 2018

SAIC's undergraduate exhibition opens for public today. This year's show also includes works by some of our amazing friends & collaborators. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to check out the incredible work of upcoming artists, designers, & makers! The show is open till March 30th.


Vidisha Aggarwal's Balancing Act, Act 5; Mauricio Casian's Mashrabia water-filter; Yash Rastogi's Gratitude; Sabrina Yang's Selfie Mirror; Ravina Puri's Forgotten Footprint; Beril Cuhadragolu's Carres De Symphonie; and Axel Olsen's  Room without a Bed are all on view at the Sullivan Galleries.


Shown : Gratitude by Yash Rastogi

Chicago Architecture Biennial's 2nd interation opens

16th September 2017

The Chicago Architecture Biennial opens for round two in the windy city! This year's iteration curated by Sharon Johnston & Mark Lee also includes projects that our clients and collaborators were part of. We are incredibly  to be associated with them.


Seetharam Vallabhaneni was part of the team that fabricated Productora's 'Two Towers', which if part of the sixteen 16 foot towers that respond to the original Tribune Tower competition located in the Yates Hall. He was also the part of the installation team for Ania Jaworska's 'Entrance Pavilion' located in the Randolph lobby of the Cultural Center.


Axel Olsen was part of Perkins+Will's team that worked on a proposal for the Chicago’s River Edge Ideas Lab which is on show at Expo 72 on Randolph st..


Image credits: Laurian Ghinitoiu

Now Featured : Ravina's site on

11th June 2017

The website we designed for Ravina Puri is now in consideration for the 'Site Of The Day' honor from! (The site was later recognized as an user approved site with a 8.03 average rating)

Vidisha's DIY Painting at Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago

11th June 2017

DIY Painting, Blancing Act is the latest iteration in a series of interactive installations that invite users to interact with the fabrics and manipulate the space around them. The installation is now part of the '21 Minus' exhibition at the MCA.


Image credit : Dustin Ryan Yu

Taking over the world print by print

15th December 2016

Viraj Mithani's prints from his 'Bullfighting' series are now up at the International Print Triennial (Krakow- Falun) at Meken, Sweden. The exhibition is on till 12th February 2017. Do head over there to see them along with works of other amazing artists if you are around!


Image credit : Meken Press

Shout Out : Venkat Gaddam's Mysticized

1st June 2016

Talented artists always excite us. More so when the artist happens to be an old friend!

Featuring Venkat Gaddam's Mysticism, a site specific mural installation at 25 E 13th, New York inspired by the Kamasutra and various Hindu and Buddhist temples. Its a commentary on the change in the way sexuality is perceived in India - how from celebrating sensuality, India regressed to a sexist and homophobic society.


Its interesting how the artist reversed the purpose of a room - to enclose by using the walls as his medium, with the intention of opening up the space and conversation about sexuality, sensuality and celebration! The lack of dimensionality in the space also allows the viewers to immerse themselves completely.


Venkat also happens to be an avid blogger and you wont want to miss out on his updates! Follow him on tumbler and/or instagram!


All images were taken from the artist's blog -

Left Wall

Center Wall

Right Wall

Shout out : Viraj Mithani

23rd May 2016


Illuminati I

Illuminati II


We are extremely proud to be associated Viraj Mithani - our client, a dear friend and an amazing artist based in Chicago.


His prints have been selected for two major shows/competitions this year : The Falun International Print Triennial & International Competition of Lithography : Litho-Kielce. His prints focus on cultures and traditions that are not only defined by regional geography and ethnicities, but also concentrating on the pre-existing and existing cultures of the art world itself.


Check out his amazing work here!

Now on sale : Experience!

21st May 2016

When we were starting seem:less, we wanted a firm that celebrates unconventional ideas and values genuine people and one of the most important thing for us was to make good design affordable for everyone. While doing so we also wanted to offer interesting experiences for everyone who interacts with our designs. For us the experience a user has when in touch with our work is far more important than the design itself.


We have been thinking a lot about how to break away from the conventional process of quotes, invoices, and fees and make make our clients feel like they are talking with real people who genuinely care about them and will go to any lengths to help them achieve their goals. We hate bureaucratic procedures and fake smiles. We value genuine people and our relationship with them. We wanted this reflecting in all aspects of the firm. Transparent pricing system is one step towards being the kind of company we have always wanted to be - Transparent, Genuine and Unconventional.


Now the challenge was how to replace a tried and tested process with a new system that is congruent with the firm and its ideas. We wanted to sell experiences AND we wanted transparency. What better way to sell experiences than tickets right?! Using the idea of tickets, we came up with a new system that facilitates transparency while also creating an interesting experience for our clients. It is the first step in a long journey.


We are very excited to announce our new ticketing system! We are also working on integrating this into an online payment system which we hope will add to the seem:less experience.


Hurry get your tickets now!



Email us at to book your seem:less experience.


Introducing : The P3 green!

19th April 2016

A contemporary take on the green monochrome computer - Introducing our third official color : The 'P3' Green.

Now Hiring!

20th Feb 2016

We are currently looking for a front end developer to join our team on a full time/part-time basis. Please contact us at for more information.

Now Featured : seem:less' website on

8th Feb 2016

Our website has been selected as a Nominee on - widely regarded as the premiere website competition. It was subsequently awarded 'Merit for Commendable Site' certificate.

Now Featured : Seetharam's website on Website Design Awards

4th Feb 2016

Seetharam Vallabhaneni's website designed by us has been selected as the winner of Site of the Day award by Website Design Award

Now Featured : Kanika's website on

14th Jan 2016, the website we designed for Kanika Ranka has been selected as a Nominee on - widely regarded as the premiere website competition. It has gone on to be recognized as an user approved site.

Now Featured : seem:less' website by Adobe Muse

13th Jan 2016

Our website has been selected as the Adobe Muse 'Site of the Day'. This recognition marks the first award given to a seem:less design!


2nd December 2015

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago's BFA Show is here again and this time one of our first client, frequent collaborator, and a dear friend Kanika Ranka is showing her beautiful 9 x 35 feet curtains. 'Luminous 1' consists of four sheer curtains, each painstakingly hand painted with disperse dye and then heatpressed to achieve the translucent.


Her business cards and website were partly inspired by the colors and shapes she used within this piece. The business cards were in fact made using the base painting and process. Luminous was also featured on the invite sent out by the school announcing the exhibition.